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1 Year Of Unlimited Tuning!


Going to be adding a bunch of mods in multiple stages? Want to get tuned on multiple fuels? Then the VIP tuning option is great for you, unlimited tune revisions for mods and access to any and all of the add-on maps such as burble, launch control, throttle mapping, etc!  This value package will save money after 2 to 3 normally ordered tunes with all add-ons at the tune update price!


*Each tuning "session" for a particular set of mods/fuel will be deemed complete when the tuner believes it is a safe stopping point or the most power has been made without entering an unsafe condition - knock or engine limits.


*VIP TUNING PACKAGE limited to E-TUNING only and to 1 car*

Learn about our Privacy Policy!


$1,000.00 Regular Price
$849.99Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Pay Over Time
4 Monthly Installments!
$212.50every month for 4 months
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