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A little background about myself, Proud College Dropout (3 year) where I majored in criminal justice and minored in psychology while playing NCAA football as a Defensive End. After realizing that wasn't where I wanted to be, I spent time working at an aftermarket shop/performance parts site for a little over a year. I then decided to do a lifelong dream, and drop my acceptance into the NYPD and NY State Troopers and enlisted in the Navy where I medically separated after 6 years of service as an Electronics Technician. From that, I became a certified Electronics Technician (8000 Hour Apprenticeship), certified Internetworking Technician (4000 Hour Apprenticeship), and 3000+ hours logged in an Electrician Apprenticeship (6000 Hour Total Apprenticeship) specializing in electronics that control and interface with mechanical equipment. I’m a 10+ year Subaru veteran with a previous 15+ WRX world record under my belt (now sitting in top 5, it’s been some time). I’ve spent more than any sane person should in mods and built motors so far for many different types of cars for research purposes. I’ve used 3 types of tuners before I started myself a few years back. One, who didn’t care about me or my car and finished the tune in 15 minutes. One, who threw my car on the dyno made decent power and said no more than 10 words to me. And the last tuner, who became a close friend of mine and gave me an incredible learning and tuning experience. That last tuner helped create my initial reason for getting into tuning… that every car and EVERY client deserves the same attention regardless of if it makes 200HP or 1,000HP. Tuning can be costly in some instances and a crucial part so you and your car deserve nothing but the best quality and customer service possible. With ~1,000 cars tuned per year, the results and reviews speak for themselves!

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