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This COBB Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust is a direct bolt on for the VB Subaru WRX.

The entire system is constructed of 304 stainless steel and is meticulously TIG welded for outstanding appearance and durability.

At the front, a high quality cast flange is machined to accept the factory donut gasket for leak-free installation. From there, 3" stainless steel tubing runs all of the way back to another 3" cast flange where it meets the y-pipe. A flex section in this pipe adds compliance to the system.

The y-pipe in this exhaust system consists of a 3" tube that is divided into twin 2.5" tubes by way of an all new cast split section. This cast section improves durability and longevity when compared to other welded splits. All three connections of the y-pipe section are made with high quality cast flanges which resist distortion and allow for a leak-free installation.

As with the rest of the system, the muffler sections connect to the y-pipe section using high quality cast flanges. The heart of this exhaust system are two all new bespoke COBB designed mufflers. These new muffler sections feature a single 2.5" inlet and dual 2.5" outlets that accept slip-on 3.5" dual wall, slash cut tips with laser etched COBB logos.


Multi-layer steel (MLS) gaskets are included for all connections to ensure a secure, leak-free installation.

All of these features add up to a premier cat-back exhaust for your VB Subaru WRX. The exhaust note is crisp and noticeable over stock without introducing unwanted drone in cabin.


SKU: 516100
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