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Upgrade your 2015-2021 WRX with the TurboXS Front Mount Intercooler Kit, which is considered the ultimate modification. Managing the intake manifold temperature is crucial for achieving consistent power in your WRX. This becomes an even bigger concern when you start making modifications. The stock top mount intercooler is inadequate for the task at hand. It quickly becomes heat soaked during intense driving, causing a rapid rise in intake manifold temperatures and a subsequent drop in power output. The decrease in power is not only due to the hotter air from the intercooler, but also because the WRX ECU logic reduces ignition timing as the temperatures climb. This reduction directly affects the power output. While aftermarket top mount intercoolers are an improvement over the stock option, our testing reveals that they can only delay the inevitable increase in intake manifold temperature caused by a small intercooler core in a hot engine bay.

TurboXS FMIC - Polished Pipes 2015-2022 WRX

$1,956.42 Regular Price
$1,345.99Sale Price
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